Rhythm of Art & Nature


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Deep into the woods, down a winding dirt road and up a gentle, sandy hill a petite but confident mid-century modern home is poised at the crest, where the landscape spreads apart like arms opening for an embrace. First your ears will have to adjust to the liberating quietude and you’ll realize just how loud life can be as a whirring lingers in your head from a blaring car radio or the work meeting that got a little intense. Now is the time to breathe—inhale…exhale. Calm your eardrums and let them find the wind in the trees, the creek running at the bottom of the hill, the songbird in the distance. Because there is nothing frenetic, imposing or urgent about Nancy Mann and Andree Wallgren’s transcendental Ridge Spring homestead, aptly named Blue Skies. Here, energy is derived in a different way, by the shedding of the hustle and an easing into a harmony of nature, art and soul.